What are executive functions?

What are executive functions? Childhood Professionals in kindergartens and primary schools always take häufi ger behavior noticeable – liabilities true in children: Many children find it difficult to have under control. Can not make it, find their place in a group and often react un- dominated or inappropriate. They can be easily distracted, want to… Continue reading What are executive functions?


The brain

A brief summary of the brain and nervous system The American Society for Neuroscience is the world’s largest association of scientists and doctors who devote himself to understanding the brain, spinal cord and the peripheral nervous system. Neuroscientists study the nervous system at the molecular and cellular level, explore the neuronal Bases for the sensory… Continue reading The brain

Nootropic products

What is NooCube?

What is NooCube? The best is finally made available for you today. Noocube is extraordinarily composed subjective enhancers that are profoundly strong and demonstrate their properties inside in minutes. Noocube passes by a few names because of their excessive abilities they are by and large called keen medications, neuro enhancers, memory enhancers, intellectual enhancers. This… Continue reading What is NooCube?


Improve your brain power

Who does not want to move forward successfully in professional life, who does not want to provide highest performance and towards other enjoy an advantage? As a rule, is in our society the better rewarded, which is able to provide high intellectual achievements. This is not easy, but it can improve each his own brain… Continue reading Improve your brain power


Increase brain efficiency

Many interesting tips to improve the mind and the ability to concentrate Mental arithmetic The mental arithmetic Trainer memory; let lie the calculator and calculate as while shopping the total of – you will see that it works better with every purchase (and the shopping list can then also stay at home). Painting & Drawing… Continue reading Increase brain efficiency



General functions of the brain Enveloped by the meninges, the nerve tissue is our one-stop shop when it comes to the nervous system. After all, the brain is mainly the part of our head, which consists almost exclusively of nerve tissue and thus much of what controls our bodies is going on, directs and makes… Continue reading Neurology